Top 3 Methods To Fix Memory Management Error In Windows 10

If you’re getting the blue screen memory management error, learn how to fix this error in Windows 10, in this tutorial.

Memory Management Error Message is shown along with Blue Screen Of Death, and it could be an annoying problem with Windows 10 users. As we known, Memory Management error message is just another error message that appears with the BSOD. The easiest solution for this issue is to simply restart your system. After restarting your computer, you shouldn’t face this error message anymore.

Memory Management Error In Windows 10

Memory Management Error: Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you

However, if Memory Management error message still persists, you follow the instructions below:

Fix: Windows 10 Blue Screen Memory Management Error Message

Method 1: Scan your computer for viruses and malicious programs

Many users Windows 10 have reported that some viruses or malicious programs can cause blue screen memory management problem. So, before going to solutions below to troubleshoot the problem, you should check for viruses with the trusted antivirus programs.

Method 2: Run SFC/SCANNOW

If your system is corrupted, it can cause Memory Management Blue Screen in Windows 10. In this case, you can run the sfc /scannow command to check and repair Windows System Files. To do that, follow these easy steps:
Step 1. Press Windows Key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin).
Step 2. In Command Prompt, you type sfc/scannow and press Enter.
Step 3. Wait for the process is finished then restart your system and check if any errors are fixed.

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Method 3: Run Diagnostics to Check Your System for Memory Problems

If SFC command don’t help you anything, and you still face this error message, you should check your RAM memory. If you suspect your RAM memory has corrupted, you can run the Windows Memory Diagnostic utility in Windows 10. I recommended you should do this procedure from Safe Mode on Windows 10. Here’s steps how to run a Windows Memory Diagnostic tool:
Step 1. Once you enter Safe Mode, you need to open Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. To do that, press Windows Key + R, then type mdsched.exe in the Run box, and tap Enter.

Step 2. Select Restart now and check for problems.

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
Step 3. As a result, your computer will restart right away and will check for problems. The tool will run automatically and perform a standard memory test automatically. This diagnosis might take several minutes. Once testing is completed, your computer will restart automatically and will open in normal condition.

You can also watch this video below to learn more how to fix memory_management error on Windows 10

That’s it. Hope this guide can help you fix the Memory Management error in Windows 10. If you have any other Windows 10 related errors you can check for the solution in my Windows 10 tips section. Thank you for reading!



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